Jump Drive

A jump drive is one of the speculative inventions in science fiction, a method of traveling faster than light (FTL). Related concepts are hyperdrive, warp drive and interstellar teleporter. The key characteristic of a jump drive (as the term is usually used) is that it allows a starship to be instantaneously teleported between two points. A jump drive is supposed to make a spaceship (or any matter) go from one point in space to another point, which may be several light years away, in a single instant. Like time travel, a jump drive is often taken for granted in science fiction, but very few science fiction works talk about the mechanics behind a jump drive. There are vague indications of the involvement of tachyons and the space-time continuum in some works.

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Variations of Jump Drive Technology in Film & Television
... film and television series utilizes two different types of jump drive ... The Babylon 5 television series describes jump drives as a way to jump to hyperspace through a jumpgate ... The reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series utilizes a jump drive known as an FTL Drive ...
Traveller (role-playing Game) - Starships
... one or more bridges), a central power plant, a maneuver drive for in-system travel, a jump drive for interstellar travel, and payload space (weapons, living areas, etc.) ... The power plant and jump drive together require significant amounts of fuel ... Alternate power plants, realspace drives, and interstellar drives exist for modelling different settings ...
Vega Strike - Gameplay - Transportation
... the player waits, and gets farther away from the gravity of the planet/station, the SPEC drive will “ramp up”, and the player’s ship will stretch and star streaks will appear, until the player’s spacecraft ... star systems, the player needs to go to weak points in space known as jump points, as well as buying a jump drive in advance ... Once the player equips his/her ship with a jump drive, the player needs to go to a jump point ...

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