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Mills Mess

The Mills mess (named after one of its originators, Steve Mills) is a symmetrical pattern performed with any number of props greater than or equal to three, in which the arms cross and uncross throwing the props from toward the centre of the pattern in groups of three. In a Mills mess pattern with an odd number of props, each throw is from one hand to the other, whereas with an even number of props, each hand independently juggles half of the props. Thus, a Mills mess can be considered to be a cascade or fountain but with the cross-armed movements.

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... Mills Mess is a shape distortion involving crossing and uncrossing arm movement, which is independent of the siteswap being performed ... with any number of objects can, in theory, be done in Mills Mess ... The standard Mills Mess has the siteswap 3, but Mills Messes of 441, 531, 534 (four balls) and many others have also been performed ...

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