Johnny Whatever

Johnny Whatever is a video game by Warthog Texas. It started off in development for formats such as the PlayStation 2, but after the developers were purchased by Tiger Telematics to produce titles for the Gizmondo handheld console, it became Gizmondo exclusive. As Tiger Telematics went bankrupt in February 2006, the status of the title is now cancelled due to the bankruptcy of Gizmondo.

The following is an excerpt from a news article, dated 5 July 2006:

"The Iron Royals have enslaved the people of New London, Rock-N-Roll has been outlawed and the Queen has been imprisoned in a vat of mustard while squads of Robo-Bobbies terrorize the populace. Johnny Whatever, the unlikeliest of heroes is ripped from the underground music scene and thrust into the conflict when his band mates, The Hooligans are apprehended by a roving gang of the Iron Lady's goons. With the help of inventor Roland Clockworks, Johnny sets out to save his friends, free the people and restore the true Queen to power... all in the name of Rock-N-Roll! Johnny Whatever combines rock music and pulse pounding action to deliver a completely unique style of game play where music is your weapon. Players assume the role of Johnny Whatever, the reluctant hero whose guitar prowess is unmatched by any in Lower London. Equipped with only an "upgraded" guitar, players freely roam the streets, stringing together power-chords and creating combo riffs to blast enemies with decibels of destruction!"

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