Johann Philipp Franz Von Schönborn

Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn (1673–1724) was the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg from 1719 to 1724.

Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn was born in Würzburg on February 15, 1673, the son of Melchior Friedrich Graf von Schönborn-Buchheim (1644-1717) and his wife Maria Anna Sophia von Boineburg (1652–1726). His father was the brother of Lothar Franz von Schönborn, who was Archbishop-Elector of Mainz from 1694 to 1729. He was educated at the Jesuit school at Aschaffenburg, starting in 1681. He became a canon of Würzburg Cathedral in 1685. He then studied at the University of Würzburg, the University of Mainz, and in Rome, completing his studies in 1693. He was admitted to the cathedral chapter of Würzburg Cathedral in 1699.

The cathedral chapter of Würzburg Cathedral elected him as the new Prince-Bishop of Würzburg on September 18, 1719. He was ordained as a priest on July 25, 1720. On November 10, 1720, his uncle, Lothar Franz von Schönborn, consecrated him as a bishop.

He had a heart attack in 1724, dying in Bad Mergentheim on August 18, 1724. His principal claim to fame is his commissioning of the Würzburg Residence.

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