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Recent Work

He wrote a comic called Trucker Fags in Denial, which was originally published as a comic strip in the Portland-based publication Exotic and was published as a comic book by Fantagraphics in 2004. The comic, written by Goad and illustrated by Jim Blanchard, is about two truckers named Butch and Petey. The two characters are homophobic and beat up gays between trucking. The characters contradict their behavior by having a homosexual relationship with each other. The comic serves as a satirical examination of cultural scapegoating, often seen in Goad's writing. Goad came up with the idea for the comic while in prison, where he frequently observed male prisoners insulting each other as being "fags," and as "fagging off,' despite possibly being homosexual themselves. Willamette Week's gay columnist Byron Beck described Trucker Fags in Denial as "twisted, vile, unrepentant...and absolutely hillarious."

In 2007 Jim Goad's GIGANTIC BOOK OF SEX was published. The book consists of over 100 articles, op-eds and facts about sex, all written by Goad.

Currently, Goad writes for the libertarian webzine Taki's Magazine. Goad has also contributed to Vice, New York Press, the San Francisco Bay Guardian and Hustler.

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