The term jigger may refer to:

  • A Handcar, a hand-operated railway car
  • A jigger, a measure of alcoholic beverage ingredients, and the tool used to measure them
  • A jigger flea or chigoe flea, a parasitic arthropod found in tropical climates that may cause an inflammatory skin disease
  • A jigger mast or jiggermast, the aftmost mast of a four-masted sailing ship.
  • A machine used in the production of pottery
  • A Liverpool term for an alleyway
  • A pallet jack
  • A Surveyors Total Station
  • A tool for setting fish nets under ice, made of wood and metal and operated via rope from the surface

Other articles related to "jigger, jiggers":

Jigger Statz
... Arnold John "Jigger" Statz (October 20, 1897 – March 16, 1988) was a Major League Baseball outfielder who also had a lengthy minor league career ... Jigger Statz played in the major leagues during eight seasons from 1919 to 1928 for the Chicago Cubs, New York Giants, Boston Red Sox, and Brooklyn Robins ... many players had lengthy minor league careers, Jigger Statz's statistics surpassed those of his contemporaries, e.g ...
Carousel (film) - Plot
... having enough money to provide for his child, Billy secretly agrees to join his pal Jigger Craigin in robbing the wealthy Bascombe ... a clambake, held on a nearby island, Billy and Jigger sneak to the mainland to commit the robbery, but Bascombe, who is usually unarmed, carries a gun and the robbery is foiled ... While Bascombe is momentarily distracted, Jigger flees and leaves Billy at the mercy of the police ...
Shot Glass - Shot-measuring Tools - Jigger
... A jigger or measure is a bartending tool used to measure liquor, which is typically then poured into a cocktail shaker ... It is named for the unit of liquid it typically measures, a jigger or shot, which measures 1.5 US fluid ounces (44 ml) ... However, bar jiggers come in other sizes and may not actually measure a fluid jigger ...
Leon Sirois - The Jigger Award
... The plaque consists of a gold-colored metal whiskey jigger attached to a base, awarded to the year's "hard-luck" driver during qualifying. 1969 Jigger Sirois 1970 Tony Adamowicz 1971 John Mahler 1972 Art Pollard 1973 Johnny Parsons, Jr ...
Blues In The Night (film) - Plot
... Louis, jazz pianist Jigger Pine meets aspiring clarinetist Nickie Haroyen who tries to convince him to put together a jazz band ... After a drunk patron starts a fight, Nickie and Jigger are thrown in jail with Jigger's drummer and bassist ... Jigger reveals to Leo that Character is pregnant and he decides to give up Kay ...