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Ambos Camarines - Timeline - World War II Under The Japanese Occupation
... December 1941 - Japanese Bomber and Fighter pilots was crushed by the air raid invasion of all main provinces of Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur during the Japanese Invasion. 1942 - Japanese troops was occupied and entering the main provinces of Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur ... The established of the Japanese military garrisons was active here the main provinces before the Japanese Occupation ...
Battle Of Edson's Ridge - Battle - Prelude
... By 7 September, most of Kawaguchi's troops had started marching from Taivu towards Lunga Point along the coastline ... About 250 Japanese troops remained behind to guard the brigade's supply base at Taivu ... in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate Defence Force, Martin Clemens—told the Marines of Japanese troops at Taivu, near the village of ...
He Yingqin - Rise and Fall in The Kuomintang
... Campaign against Jiangxi Soviet, but his troops suffered great losses, which was the beginning of the end of his reputation as a skillful commander ... regarded the CCP as his archrival and placed priority on the suppression of CCP forces, the Japanese should be dealt with by compromises instead of war ... to Northern China to handle these tough issues because of his friendly way to the Japanese ...
Severino Bredonia
... to defend Carmen Bridge in Pangasinan on Luzon Island, against the advancing Japanese troops, with the instruction to delay the Japanese troops so that the airplanes of the Allied ... weapons and ammunition, and the large contingent of attacking Japanese troops, he and his command were overpowered, and were caught, with some of them killed in action ... After digging the foxhole, his hands were tied by the Japanese troops behind his back, and he was stabbed with a bayonet into the back by Japanese soldiers, with the Japanese ...
Matanikau Offensive - Action
... Facing the Marines was the Japanese 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry under Major Masao Tamura ... loss of three officers, and was driven back towards the Matanikau by Tamura's troops ... and Lieutenant Colonel Merrill Twining from Vandegrift's staff, decided to try to encircle the Japanese defenders around Point Cruz ...

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    A pragmatic race, the Japanese appear to have decided long ago that the only reason for drinking alcohol is to become intoxicated and therefore drink only when they wish to be drunk.
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