Jahan Shah

Muzaffar al-Din Jahan Shah ibn Yusuf (died 1467) (Persian: جهان شاه‎) was the leader of the Kara Koyunlu Turkmen tribal federation in Azerbaijan and Arran who reigned c.1438-1467. During his reign he managed to expand the Kara Koyunlu’s territory to its largest extent, including Western Anatolia, most of present day Iraq, central Iran, and even eventually Kerman. He also subjugated neighbouring states. He was one of the greatest rulers of the Kara Koyunlu. He was also allegedly fond of drinking and entertainment. During his reign Jahan Shah had the Gökmedrese and Muzafferiye theological schools constructed in his capital city Tabriz.

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Uzun Hassan
... Uzun Hasan defeated Jahan Shah, prince of the Kara Koyunlu or Black Sheep Turkmen in 1467 ... Upon the defeat of Jahan Shah, Timurid ruler Abu Sa'id Mirza answered Jahan Shah's son's request for aid, taking much of Jahan Shah's former land and going to war with Uzun Hasan ...
Hasan Ali (Kara Koyunlu)
... Hasan 'Ali (died 1468) ibn Jahan Shah was the last ruler of the Kara Koyunlu Turkmen tribal federation, ruling for just one year from 1467–68 ... Hasan Ali was the son of Jahan Shah who was defeated following his attempt to subjugate the rival Ak Koyunlu tribe in 1467 ... Jahan Shah’s other son Abu Yusuf had his eyes burnt out by Uzun Hasan ...
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... From around 1447 Jahan Shah was involved in a struggle against the Ak Koyunlu who had always been sworn enemies of the Kara Koyunlu ... Jahan Shah wanted to defeat the Ak Koyunlu ruler Uzun Hasan and make him his vassal ... Jahan Shah set out from Tabriz with a great army on 16 May 1466, and came to the basin of Lake Van ...

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