Jacopo may refer to:

  • Jacopo Bassano (c1510–1592), Italian painter
  • Jacopo da Bologna (fl 1340–1360), Italian composer
  • Jacopo Comin (1518–1594), Italian painter otherwise known as Tintoretto
  • Jacopo Carucci (1494–1557), Italian painter otherwise known as Pontormo
  • Jacopo Corsi (1561–1602), Italian composer
  • Jacopo da Leona (died 1277), Italian poet
  • Jacopo Peri (1561–1633), Italian composer
  • Jacopo Riccati, Italian mathematician
  • Jacopo, a key character in the 2002 film version of The Count of Monte Cristo (and a minor character in the book).
  • Jacopo Peterman, character portrayed by John O'Hurley in the sitcom Seinfeld

Other articles related to "jacopo":

Jacopo II Da Carrara
... Jacopo II da Carrara (or Giacomo II) (died 1350), of the Carraresi family, was the capitano del popolo of Padua from 1345 until his death ... Jacopo also introduced the carrarino as the currency of Padua ... In May 1345 Jacopo murdered the incumbent prince, Marsiglietto Papafava ...
Jacopo D'Avanzi
... Jacopo d'Avanzi (after 1350s – 1416) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period ... He is also known as Jacopo Avanzi or Jacopo de Avanzi, although apparently oftened confused with other artists, including Jacopo de' Bavozi or the Vicentine Avanzo ...
Jacopo I Da Carrara
... Jacopo or Giacomo I da Carrara, called the Great (Grande), was the founder of the Carraresi dynasty that ruled Padua from 1318 to 1405 ... Jacopo, a Guelph, led the Paduans to war against Verona in 1311 over the disputed possession of Vicenza ... shortly after 25 July 1318 the Paduan aristocracy elected Jacopo as defensor, protector, and gubernator in perpetuity ...
Bonaparte Family - Italian Orgins
... Jacopo Buonaparte was a friend and advisor to Medici Pope Clement VII ... Jacopo was also a witness to and wrote an account of the sack of Rome, which is one of the most important historical documents recounting that event ... Two of Jacopo's nephews, Pier Antonio Buonaparte and Giovanni Buonaparte, however, took part in the 1527 Medici rebellion, after which they were banished from ...