Iskandar or Eskandar (Persian: اسکندر‎) is the Persian version of the name Alexander, after Alexander the Great. It is used as a male first name in Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. It can refer to:

  • 9K720 Iskander, ballistic missile
  • Iskandar Malaysia, the new main southern development corridor in Johor, Malaysia
  • Iscandar, fictional planet in Space Battleship Yamato a.k.a. Star Blazers
  • Eskandar, South Khorasan, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran

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Sultan Iskandar
... Sultan Iskandar may refer to several rulers named Iskandar with the title of sultan Sultan Ali Iskandar Shah, 19th Sultan of Johor Sultan Mahmud Iskandar Shah, 11th Sultan of ...
Medini Iskandar Malaysia
... Medini Iskandar Malaysia located within the Nusajaya development zone, flagged as Zone B under the Iskandar Malaysia development blueprint ...
Megat Iskandar Shah Of Malacca
... Megat Iskandar Shah was the second Sultan of Malacca and also the son of Parameswara ... The position of Megat Iskandar Shah as the second ruler of Malacca has historically been contested ... forward strong reasoning to support the fact that Megat Iskandar Shah was the second ruler of Malacca ...
Seri Iskandar
... Seri Iskandar is a town and district capital of Perak Tengah in Perak, Malaysia ... a branch campus of Universiti Teknologi MARA and Kolej Profesional MARA are located in Seri Iskandar ...