Ishikawa Goemon

Ishikawa Goemon (石川 五右衛門?, 1558 - October 8, 1594) was a semi-legendary Japanese outlaw hero who stole gold and valuables and gave them to the poor. Goemon is notable for being boiled alive along with his son in public after a failed assassination attempt on the civil war-era warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi. His legend continues to live on, often with greatly exaggerated ninja skills, in contemporary Japanese popular culture.

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Ishikawa Goemon - In Popular Culture
... There are generally two ways in which Goemon has been most often portrayed in the modern popular culture either a young, slender ninja, or a powerfully-built, hulking Japanese bandit ... Goemon is the titular character of the long-running Konami video game series Ganbare Goemon (Legend of the Mystical Ninja) as well as an anime series based on it ... no Mono novels and film series, starring Ichikawa Raizō VIII as Goemon in the first three installments ...