Irondequoit, New York - Communities and Locations in Irondequoit

Communities and Locations in Irondequoit

  • Autumn View Estates – A neighborhood on a private road along Bayshore blvd.
  • Bayview – A community on the west shore of Irondequoit bay in the southeast part of the town.
  • Culver Meadows – A community immediately northwest of the interchange between the Keeler Expressway (NY 104) and the Sea Breeze Expressway (NY 590).
  • Durand-Eastman Park – A large park geographically surrounded by the town on three sides and Lake Ontario on the other. The park is part of the City of Rochester and is connected to the city by an easement along Culver Road.
  • German Village – A location in the northeast part of the town.
  • Glen Haven – A community on the west shore of Irondequoit bay in the southeast part of the town and south of Bayview.
  • Heyer - Bayer Park – Named after longtime Irondequoit residents Arthur F. Heyer and George Bayer who donated the land to the town
  • Irondequoit Cemetery – A cemetery along the west side of Culver Rd.
  • Joshua Park – new park and soccer fields named for Joshua Rojas, an 11-year old boy who died during soccer practice in 2005. It was formerly "Irondequoit Plaza Park."
  • Laurelton - A neighborhood located in the southeast of Irondequoit featuring a portion of Irondequoit Bay; area was known for a variety of commercial farms pre-WWII. After WWII the area expanded greatly to accommodate young families looking for housing.
  • McAvoy Park – A Park with playing fields and playground equipment.
  • Newport – A community south of Route 104 by Irondequoit Bay.
  • Orchard Park – A neighborhood, situated in a former apple orchard, north of Empire Blvd., Route 404, and west of Irondequoit Bay.
  • Parkside – A location in the south western part of town that is densely populated and in close proximity to the river.
  • Seabreeze – A hamlet in the northern part of Irondequoit along Irondequoit Bay.
  • Seabreeze Amusement Park – Locally owned and run amusement park, one of the oldest in the nation.
  • Summerville – A neighborhood along the lakefront of Lake Ontario, formerly summer cottages, now year-round homes. Summerville is in the northwest corner of the town.
  • White City – A shoreside neighborhood near Summerville.
  • Windsor Beach – A shoreside neighborhood near Summerville.

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