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Cash-for-votes Scandal - Arrests
... They also announced that they had interviewed Bhahora and Kulaste, who were no longer MPs, but that their ability to interview Argal was hampered because he was still in office ... Singh was interviewed on 22 July and on the same day the police announced that they wished to speak with SP MP Rewati Raman Singh, whom the BJP MPs alleged had approached them on behalf of Amar ... The defence claimed that the police had not interviewed Hindustani and therefore had no new evidence upon which to base their recent claims of orchestration ...
China Candid
... The author interviewed thirty-six citizens of the People's Republic of China each chapter of the book is a transcript of each interview turned into a single narrative flow, as if the interviewed person is ... Some people the author has interviewed are a new tycoon a worker coming to Beijing from the countryside a young athlete the founder of a private orphanage a ...
Melih Abdulhayoğlu - Interviews
... He was interviewed by the Network Products Guide 6/22/2008 ... Melih was interviewed by Turk TV on 5/25/2010 ... On May 5, 2011, he was interviewed by Fox Business and discussed the impacts of cyber terrorism in the near future ...
Battle 360° - Veterans
... Among the veterans interviewed for the program are pilots Captain Donald "Flash" Gordon, Stanley "Swede" Vejtasa, Rear Admiral James D ... Among the ship's surviving crew interviewed for the series are Yeoman Willard Norberg, Roy E ... of the ship's Marine Detachment are also interviewed including Louis Michot, Jack Maroney, Frank Graves, Richard Harte, Walter Keil and George Lanvermeyer ...

Famous quotes containing the word interviewed:

    I saw the best minds of my generation
    Reading their poems to Vassar girls,
    Being interviewed by Mademoiselle.
    Having their publicity handled by professionals.
    When can I go into an editorial office
    And have my stuff published because I’m weird?
    I could go on writing like this forever . . .
    Louis Simpson (b. 1923)