Interracial Marriage

Interracial marriage occurs when two people of differing racial groups marry. This is often a form of exogamy (marrying outside of one's social group) and can be seen in the broader context of miscegenation (mixing of different racial groups in marriage, cohabitation, or sexual relations).

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... Further information Interracial marriage in the United States In an article about mixed-race children having identity problems, Charlotte Nitary states Wardle (1989) says that today ... In her book Love's Revolution Interracial Marriage, Maria P ... incorporated into new families when their mothers remarry, interracial children are more threatening markers of race and racial authenticity for families in which race matters ...
Esoteric Astrology - Writing - Racial Theories - On Interracial Marriage
... Bailey wrote regarding interracial marriage that "the best and soundest thinkers in both the white and black races at this time deplore mixed marriages ... against intermarriage between Caucasians and Asians but said that children of interracial unions would be unavoidable following World War II due to ... cycle and they are a group with which we will have to reckon." Her comments on the topic of interracial marriage are conflicting On the one hand she suggested that mixed ...
Full Faith And Credit Clause - Application To Family Law
... Until the Supreme Court struck down all laws banning interracial marriage in 1967, a number of states banned interracial marriage and did not accept ... used to force a state to recognize a marriage it did not wish to recognize. 39 states passed laws and constitutional amendments that define marriage as consisting solely of different-sex couples ...
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... on conflict resolution of intercultural differences in marriage relationships have become available in the media ...
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... the reconstituted Alabama legislature passed a new anti-miscegenation measure in 1866 which made interracial marriage and interracial sex a felony that resulted in a prison sentence of two to seven years ... Anyone attempting to officiate an interracial marriage could be fined up to one thousand dollars and could be imprisoned for up to six months ... that it was the duty of the state to protect marriage as a public institution ...

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