Internal Heating

Internal Heating

Internal heat is the heat source from the interior of celestial objects, such as planets, brown dwarfs, and stars, caused by gravity, nuclear fission and decaying radioactive materials. The amount of internal heating depends on mass; the more massive the object, the more internal heat it has. The internal heating keeps celestial objects warm and active.

The internal heat is the heat left over from formation of celestial objects. The aging objects lose internal heat gradually except for stars.

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Internal Heating - Stars
... The internal heating within stars are so great that they sustain thermonuclear reaction of hydrogen to helium and can make heavier elements ... The bluer, more massive, hotter, and older the stars are, the more internal heating it has ... During the end of its lifecycle, the internal heating of a star increases dramatically, caused by contracting core, eventually becoming hot enough to fuse helium then ...

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