Intercostal Muscles

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Muscles Of Respiration - Intercostal Muscles
... Along with the diaphragm, the intercostal muscles are one of the most important groups of respiratory muscles ... The external intercostals are responsible for ~25% of the air that enters the lungs during quiet breathing ... These muscles are attached between each rib and are important in manipulating the width of the thoracic cage ...
Eunotosaurus - Description
... Sharpey's fibers help anchor muscles to bone ... edges of the ribs because the ribs are connected to each other by intercostal muscles, which are muscles that assist in breathing ... of the ribs of Eunotosaurus suggests that it lacked functional intercostal muscles ...
Human Rib Cage - Respiratory Function
... floor of the thoracic cavity, contracts and flattens, while contraction of intercostal muscles lift the rib cage up and out ... by the help of the diaphragm contracting and the abdominal muscles relaxing to accommodate the downward pressure that is supplied to the abdominal ... When the external intercostal muscles contract and lift the ribs, the upper ribs are able also to push the sternum up and out ...

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