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Leonese Literature - Linguistic Description - Comparative Tables
... tempo tempo tiempu tiempo Terra(m) (land) terra terra tierra tierra F- (initial position) Facere (make) facer fazer facere hacer Ferru(m) (iron) ferro ferro fierru hierro L–(initial position) Lare ...
List Of Digraphs In Latin Alphabets - Y
... and Romanized Korean to write the vowel /i/ in initial position ... In Mandarin pinyin it is used for /y/ in initial position, whereas in Cantonese Jyutping it is used for /y/ in non-initial position ...
Chess960 - Rules - Rules For Castling
8 1 ... a b c d e f g h An initial position of kings and rooks a b c d e f g h 1 ... a b c d e f g h Black has castled ... the castling rules were reinterpreted in Chess960 to support the different possible initial positions of the king and rook ... After castling, the king and rook's final positions are exactly the same as they would be in standard chess ...
Pixuetu Dialect - Linguistic Description - Vocabulary - Loans
... ollo güeyu güechu ojo / tempo tiempu tiempo / terra tierra tierra (initial position) / facer facer facere hacer / ferro fierru hierro (initial position) / lar llar ḷḷar ...
Strategic Conquest - Initial Position
... The first thing the player must do is choose what unit to produce ... The default selection is a fighter, and with good reason the fighter can quickly explore the surrounding areas ...

Famous quotes containing the words position and/or initial:

    Your views are now my own.
    Marvin Cohen, U.S. author and humorist.

    In conversation, after having taken a strong position in an argument and heard a complete refutation of his position.

    Capital is a result of labor, and is used by labor to assist it in further production. Labor is the active and initial force, and labor is therefore the employer of capital.
    Henry George (1839–1897)