Indian War

Indian War may refer to:

  • American Indian Wars, name generally used in the United States to describe conflicts between the colonial or federal government and the native people of North America.
  • Mexican Indian Wars, name generally used to describe conflicts between the Spanish, or Mexican, colonial or federal government, and the native people of North America.
  • Military history of India, war history of India.

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Presidency Of George Washington - The Northwest Indian War
... with the ongoing challenge of the Northwest Indian War ... The Indian Western Lakes Confederacy had been making raids in the Northwest Territory on both sides of the Ohio River and, in the years before Washington's presidency, had grown ... Finally, in 1790, President Washington and Secretary of War Henry Knox ordered Brigadier General Josiah Harmar to launch a major western offensive into the Shawnee and ...
Phoebe Judson - Life - Puget Sound War
... Further information Puget Sound War In 1855, at the outset of the Puget Sound Indian War, Holden's parents moved in with the Judsons ... While the native Chehalis Indians were not openly hostile in Claquato, they began touring each of the settlers' homes, taking inventory of their possessions, so that in the event of a takeover the spoils would be ... When a small band of Indians led by "Pug Ugly" tried to take over the Judson's land, Judson prevented her husband from killing them, feeling that ...
Sheepeater Indian War
... The Sheepeater Indian War of 1879 was the last Indian war fought in the Pacific Northwest portion of the United States ... Leading up to the war, settlers accused the Shoshone of stealing horses in Indian Valley and killing three settlers near present-day Cascade, Idaho during the ... under the command of First Lieutenant Henry Catley, and 20 Indian scouts commanded by Lieutenant Edward Farrow of the 21st Infantry ...
Timeline Of United States Military Operations - Battles With The Native Americans
... See also American Indian Wars, Indian massacres Frontier warfare during the American Revolution, which included Chickamauga Wars (1776–94) Battle of Oriskany (1777) Wyoming Valley ...
Cedar Key, Florida - History - Indian War
... a hospital, on Depot Key (later known as Atsena Otie Key) during the Second Seminole War ... Cantonment Morgan was established on nearby Seahorse Key late in the war and used as a troop deployment station and as a holding station for Seminoles who had ... Worth had declared the war to be over in August 1842, and Depot Key was abandoned by the Army after the hurricane ...

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