Impact Probability

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Asteroid Impact Avoidance - Impact Probability Calculation Pattern
... This raises the impact probability, since the Earth now covers a larger fraction of the error region ... images) shrink the ellipse until the Earth is outside the error region, and the impact probability returns to near zero ...
National Medal Of Science - List of Notable Laureates
... and bioengineering, which has had tremendous impact in the fields of microcirculation, blood rheology and mechanotransduction in human health and disease." 2010 Rudolf Jaenisch "For ... Varadhan "For his work in probability theory, especially his work on large deviations from expected random behavior, which has revolutionized this field of study during the second half of the ... Karlin "For his broad and remarkable researches in mathematical analysis, probability theory and mathematical statistics, and in the application of these ideas to mathematical economics ...
99942 Apophis - Close Approaches - History of Impact Estimates
... The original NASA report on December 23, 2004, mentioned impact chances of "around 1 in 300" in 2029, which was widely reported in the media ... based on a total of 169 observations), the impact probability was still estimated as 1 in 45 (2.2%), the estimates for diameter and mass were lowered to 380 m and 7.5×1010. 2004 (based on a total of 176 observations), the impact probability was raised to 1 in 37 (2.7%) diameter was increased to 390 m, and mass to 7.9×1010 kg ...

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    Legends of prediction are common throughout the whole Household of Man. Gods speak, spirits speak, computers speak. Oracular ambiguity or statistical probability provides loopholes, and discrepancies are expunged by Faith.
    Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 1929)

    The question confronting the Church today is not any longer whether the man in the street can grasp a religious message, but how to employ the communications media so as to let him have the full impact of the Gospel message.
    Pope John Paul II (b. 1920)