IEEE P1363

IEEE P1363 is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standardization project for public-key cryptography. It includes specifications for:

  • Traditional public-key cryptography (IEEE Std 1363-2000 and 1363a-2004)
  • Lattice-based public-key cryptography (IEEE Std 1363.1-2008)
  • Password-based public-key cryptography (IEEE Std 1363.2-2008)
  • Identity-based public-key cryptography using pairings (P1363.3)

The chair of the working group as of October 2008 is William Whyte of NTRU Cryptosystems, Inc., who has served since August 2001. Former chairs were Ari Singer, also of NTRU (1999-2001), and Burt Kaliski of RSA Security (1994-1999).

Read more about IEEE P1363:  Traditional Public-key Cryptography (IEEE Std 1363-2000 and 1363a-2004), Lattice-based Public Key Cryptography (IEEE Std 1363.1-2008), Password-based Public-key Cryptography (IEEE Std 1363.2-2008), Identity-based Public Key Cryptography Based On Pairings (P1363.3)