Iberian Scripts

The Iberian scripts are the Paleohispanic scripts that were used to represent the extinct Iberian language. Most of them are typologically very unusual in that they are semi-syllabic rather than purely alphabetic. The oldest Iberian inscriptions date to the 4th or possibly the 5th century BCE, and the latest from end of the 1st century BCE or possibly the beginning of the 1st century CE.

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Iberians - Iberian Culture - Iberian Scripts
... The Iberians use three different scripts to represent the Iberian language ... Northeastern Iberian script Dual variant (4th century BC and 3rd century BC) Non-dual variant (2nd century BC and 1st century BC) Southeastern Iberian ... Greco-Iberian alphabet Northeastern Iberian script and southeastern Iberian script share a common distinctive typological characteristic, also present in other paleohispanic scripts they present ...
Iberian Scripts - Origins
... The relation between the northeastern and southeastern Iberian scripts is not straightforward ... arguably had the value of /be/ in southern Iberian ... hypothesis is that the northeastern script derives from the southeastern script ...