Iao or IAO may refer to:

  • International Astronomy Olympiad, an annual astronomy competition for high-school students
  • Indian Astronomical Observatory, home of the highest telescope in the world
  • Istituto agronomico per l'oltremare (Overseas Agronomic Institute), a technical and scientific body of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Information Awareness Office, a branch of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • IAO variables (for Interests, Activities, and Opinions), another name for psychographic variables* IAO (album), an album by avant jazz musician John Zorn
  • Iao Valley, a popular tourist attraction on Maui, Hawaii
  • Wattlebird
  • ιαω, an early Greek form of the tetragrammaton
  • Iao, an archon in Gnosticism

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Czech Astronomical Olympiad - International Astronomy Olympiad
... The International Astronomical Olympiad (IAO) is a nine-day event that usually takes place between 23 September and 22 November ... IAO in 2007 brought a Czech team a silver medal, and the 2008 event, XIII ... IAO, saw Czechs win two bronze medals ...
Tetragrammaton - Usages and Translations - Dead Sea Scrolls
... in the Dead Sea scrolls (Qumran) has ιαω ("Iao"), the Greek form of the Hebrew trigrammaton YHW ... the Lydian (6th century) wrote "The Roman Varo defining him says that he is called Iao in the Chaldean mysteries" ... De Mensibus IV 53) Van Cooten mentions that Iao is one of the "specifically Jewish designations for God" and "the Aramaic papyri from the Jews at Elephantine show that 'Iao' is an ...
Tetragrammaton - Usages and Translations - Patristic Writings
... Eerdmans Diodorus Siculus (1st century BCE) writes Ἰαῶ (Iao) Irenaeus (d ... He also reports that the Valentinian heretics use Ἰαῶ (Iao) Clement of Alexandria (d. 254), Ἰαώ (Iao) Porphyry (d ...
IAO (album)
... IAO (subtitled Music in Sacred Light) is an album by John Zorn, inspired in part by the Beast and the number 666 the Kabbalistic identity of IAO, which are the ...