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Pele were a 5 piece formed by Prowse on Merseyside in 1990 following the demise of his first schoolboy bands When in Rome/Joseph Groome Towers in Ellesmere Port. Signed by Michael Levy in March 1991 Pele released 3 albums on Polydor/M&G Records. Six singles troubled the lower ends of the UK charts but abroad they scored hits in Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Holland and most notably a Number One in South Africa with 'Megalomania'. Pele were a noted live act completing nine tours of the U.K. in their 6 year existence. It was often remarked that Pele sold more of their striking primary colour t-shirts than they did records. Despite Levy picking up the option to make a 3rd studio album the label now wished to market Prowse as a solo singer. This was resisted by the singer which led to a breakdown in the relationship. Pele split in 1996.

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