Hurry can refer to:

  • Hurry (EP), an EP by Tin Foil Phoenix
  • Hurrying, a child employed in a coal mine to transport coal
  • Hurry, a curling term

Other articles related to "hurry":

Leslie Hurry
... Leslie George Hurry (February 10, 1909, London - November 20, 1978) was a British artist and set designer for ballet, theatre and opera ... Hurry, a funeral director in St John's Wood, he was educated at Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School ...
Mémoires - Fin De Copenhague
... Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Tell us in not more than 250 words why your girl is the sweetest girl in town ...
Hurry Up Mode
... Hurry Up Mode is the debut studio album by the Japanese rock band Buck-Tick ... later remixed and re-released in 1990, excluding the two bonus tracks (see Hurry Up Mode (1990 Mix)) ...
Paul Hurry
... Paul William George Hurry (born 9 April 1975 in Canterbury, Kent) is a British international motorcycle speedway rider ... Hurry began his racing career aged 16 with the Arena Essex Hammers in 1991 ... Hurry was selected to represent the Great Britain national speedway team at the 2001 Speedway World Cup Race-off but the team failed to reach the final ...
Hurry Up Mode (1990 Mix)
... Hurry Up Mode is a remix album by Buck-Tick, released on February 2, 1990 ... It is composed of different versions of every song on their 1987 debut album Hurry Up Mode, except the two CD only bonus tracks ...

Famous quotes containing the word hurry:

    Being in a hurry is one of the tributes he pays to life.
    Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco (1897–1945)

    Coleridge received the Person from Porlock
    And ever after called him a curse,
    Then why did he hurry to let him in?
    He could have hid in the house.
    Stevie Smith (1902–1971)

    For the elemental creatures go
    About my table to and fro,
    That hurry from unmeasured mind
    To rant and rage in flood and wind....

    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)