Hungarorum may refer to :

  • Chronica Hungarorum is the title of several works treating the early Hungarian history
  • Constanti Hungarorum is an 1893 encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on the Church in Hungary.
  • Gesta Hungarorum is a record of early Hungarian history.
  • The Gesta Hunnorum et Hungarorum is one of the sources of early Hungarian history.

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Kylfings - Timeline
950 Gesta Hungarorum, written 1100-1200 Prince Taksony of Hungary hires mercenaries called Kölpények, probably identical with the Kylfings. 970–972 Gesta Hungarorum Kölpények mercenaries serve in the Magyar army in support of Sviatoslav I of Kiev's Bulgar campaign ... c.1100 Gesta Hungarorum Kölpények mercenaries still active in Hungary ...
Gesta Hunnorum Et Hungarorum
... The Gesta Hunnorum et Hungarorum (Latin "Deeds of the Huns and Hungarians"), written mainly by Simon of Kéza around 1282-1285, is one of the sources of early Hungarian history ... It is also known as the Gesta Hungarorum (II) (Latin "Deeds of the Hungarians"), the "(II)" indicating its status as an expansion of the original Gesta ... The Gesta Hunnorum et Hungarorum was edited and translated in 1999 by László Veszprémy and Frank Schaer for the Central European University ...
Gesta Hungarorum - Reliability
... Paul Robert Magocsi from the University of Toronto described the Gesta Hungarorum as an unreliable work ... of professor Magocsi and Ivan Pop it is stated that the view of modern historians on the Gesta Hungarorum is mixed some consider it a reliable source others (among them historian Aleksei L ... quoted authors referring to the Gesta Hungarorum as a source in one of his recent works also mentioning authors critical of its reliability ...
Salan - Sources
... is a historical chronicle known as Gesta Hungarorum, written by Magister P ... Gesta Hungarorum, however, is not considered to be a fully reliable source, thus the existence of Salan is questionable ... rule, which confirm some claims from Gesta Hungarorum regarding the story about Salan ...