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Ciona Intestinalis - Hox Genes
... small genome (about 160 Mbp) consisting of 14 pairs of chromosomes with about 16,000 genes ... The draft genome analysis identified nine Hox genes, which are Ci-Hox1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, and 13 ... the closest relative of Ciona intestinalis, also have the same set of Hox genes ...
Zona Limitans Intrathalamica - Discovery
... were first discovered in invertebrates, where the expression of various Hox genes in each compartment confer the differentiation of observable segments in ... contain clear boundaries and each express various Hox genes that are necessary for differentiation of structures within the body ... tissue, was elucidated by first observing differential expression of Hox genes in various compartments and second by observing mutant D ...
Homeotic Gene
... Homeotic genes cause the development of specific structures in plants and animals ... They include many of the Hox and ParaHox genes which are important for segmentation, They also include the MADS-box-containing genes involved the ABC ... It is important to note that not all homeotic genes are Hox genes the MADS- box genes are homeotic but not Hox genes ...
Mir-10 Micro RNA Precursor Family - Targets of MiR-10
... A number of Hox genes have been shown to be regulated by miR-10 ... These genes encode transcription factors which are important in embryonic development ... prime untranslated region (3'UTR) of the HoxB1a and HoxB3a genes, which are important in anterior-posterior patterning during embryonic development ...

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