Hormizd (sometimes spelled Hormuzd) may refer to:

Any of the several kings of the Sassanid dynasty of Persia:

  • Hormizd I of Persia (272–273)
  • Hormizd II of Persia (302–310)
  • Hormizd III of Persia (457–459)
  • Hormizd IV of Persia (479–480)
  • Hormizd V of Persia (593)
  • Hormizd VI of Persia (631–632)
  • Hormizd (Constantinople), third son of Hormizd II, who escaped to Constantinople

People with surname Hormizd:

  • Yohannan Hormizd (1760-1838), Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church.

People with name Hormisdas:

  • Pope Hormisdas (c. 450 – August 6, 523), pope from July 20, 514 to 523.

Other uses:

  • Rabban Hormizd Monastery: an ancient monastery in Iraq
  • Rabban Hormizd or Saint Hormizd: 7th century Nestorian Saint

Other articles related to "hormizd":

Hormizd (Constantinople)
... Hormizd (Persian هرمز‎, Greek Ὁρμίσδας, pr ... was a Sassanid Persian prince, the third son of King Hormizd II and brother-in-law of King Shapur II ... In 363, Hormizd served against Persia in the army of the Emperor Julian (361–363) in turn his son, of the same name, later served as proconsul (Ammianus ...
Hormizd IV - Deposed
... Besides, Hormizd's behavior had now turned so unbearable that his son, Khusrau broke into open revolt ... With a civil war brewing in Persia, Hormizd did not survive on the Persian throne for long ... The magnates deposed and blinded Hormizd IV and proclaimed his son Khosrau II King ...
Joseph VI Audo - Early Life
... VI Audo was born in Alqosh in 1790 and in 1814 he became a monk of the monastery of Rabban Hormizd ... The ancient monastery of Rabban Hormizd, that for many centuries was the see of the Mama patriarchal family supported by most of the East Syrian Christians, in 1808 recognized as own ... This was fiercely opposed by the last descended of the Mama family, Yohannan Hormizd, he too in communion with Rome ...
Yohannan VIII Hormizd - Sources
... Yohannan Hormizd's career, first as patriarchal administrator and finally as patriarch, was dogged by disputes ... Yohannan Hormizd himself wrote a polemical autobiography in Syriac, a fragment of which (breaking off in 1795) was translated into English by the Anglican missionary George Percy Badger and reproduced in ... intemperate history of the monastery of Rabban Hormizd under the headship of Gabriel Dambo of Mardin (1775–1832), which was published in a French ...