Hopkins - People Surnamed Hopkins

People Surnamed Hopkins

  • Sir Anthony Hopkins (born 1937), actor
  • Antony Hopkins, composer
  • Arthur F. Hopkins (1794-1865), husband of Juliet Opie Hopkins
  • Bernard Hopkins, professional boxer
  • Bert Hopkins, cricketer
  • Bobb Hopkins, actor/director, and founder of the National Hobo Association
  • Brad Hopkins, former NFL offensive lineman
  • Cathy Hopkins, novelist
  • Charles Hopkins, several people
  • Claude Hopkins, musician
  • Claude C. Hopkins, advertising man
  • Constance Hopkins, Mayflower passenger
  • Edward Hopkins, settler/politician, governor of the Connecticut Colony
  • Frank Hopkins, U.S. cowboy
  • Frank Hopkins, Royal Navy officer; Captain of HMS Ark Royal
  • Frederick Gowland Hopkins, biochemist, Nobel Prize laureate
  • Gareth Hopkins, cricketer
  • Gareth Hopkins (footballer)
  • Gaynor Hopkins, better known under her stage name Bonnie Tyler (born 1951), singer
  • George Hopkins (disambiguation), several people
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins, poet
  • Graham Hopkins, drummer/musician
  • Harold Hopkins, physicist
  • Harry Hopkins, economics advisor to Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Herbert Hopkins, cricketer
  • Isaac S. Hopkins, professor/founder Georgia Institute of Technology
  • James C. Hopkins (disambiguation), several people
  • Jeff Hopkins, footballer
  • Jeffrey Hopkins, Tibetologist
  • John Hopkins, several people
  • Johns Hopkins, philanthropist
  • Jon Hopkins, electronica musician
  • Juliet Opie Hopkins (1818-1890), The Florence Nightingale of the south.
  • Keith Hopkins, historian and sociologist
  • Lightnin' Hopkins, blues guitarist and singer
  • Linda Ann Hopkins, better known under her artistic name Tera Patrick (born 1976), pornographic actress
  • Lisa Hopkins, opera singer
  • Mark Hopkins (disambiguation), several people
  • Matthew Hopkins, 17th century witch-hunter
  • Maudie Hopkins, last surviving American Civil War widow
  • Mel Hopkins (born 1934), international footballer
  • Michael Hopkins (disambiguation), several people named Michael or Mike
  • Milton N. Hopkins (1926–2007), farmer and ornithologist
  • Nathan T. Hopkins, U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  • Nelson K. Hopkins, New York State Comptroller, 1872–1875
  • Nicky Hopkins, English rock pianist, 1944-94
  • Paul Hopkins (1904–2004), baseball pitcher
  • Paul Hopkins (actor), Canadian TV actor
  • Peter W. Hopkins (1826–1879), New York politician
  • Richard Hopkins (disambiguation), several people
  • Roy M. Hopkins (1943–2006), member of the Louisiana House of Representatives
  • Sarah Hopkins, composer
  • Stephen Hopkins (disambiguation), several people
  • Telma Hopkins, actress/singer
  • Tiffany Hopkins, actress
  • Tim Hopkins, jazz musician
  • Wes Hopkins, former NFL defensive back

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    I awoke in the Midsummer not-to-call night, in the white and the
    walk of the morning:
    —Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889)

    The only way to spend New Year’s Eve is either quietly with friends or in a brothel. Otherwise when the evening ends and people pair off, someone is bound to be left in tears.
    —W.H. (Wystan Hugh)