• (noun): A primate of the family Hominidae.
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Martin Pickford - Selected Publications
... First hominid from the Miocene (Lukeino Formation, Kenya) ... The geological and faunal context of Late Miocene hominid remains from Lukeino, KenyaContexte géologique et faunique des restes d'hominidés du Miocène supérieur de Lukeino, Kenya ...
List Of Cryptids - C
... England Cardiff Giant Hoax Giant hominid made out of minerals Cardiff, New York Champ Champtanystropheus !"Champtanystropheus americansus", Champy Unconfirmed Lake ...
Michel Brunet (paleontologist)
... in Central Africa of the skull and jaw remains of a late Miocene hominid nicknamed Toumaï ... These remains are believed to predate the earliest previously known hominid remains, Lucy, by over three million years ... for fossil apes in Pakistan and the ancestors of the hominids ...
Before Adam
... It is the story of a boy who dreams he lives the life of an early hominid Australopithecine ... The majority of the story is told through the eyes of the boy's hominid alter ego, one of the Cave People ... Other characters include the hominid's father, a love interest, and Red-Eye, a fierce "atavism" that perpetually terrorizes the Cave People ...
Homo Erectus - Sociality
... Homo erectus was probably the first hominid to live in a hunter-gatherer society, and anthropologists such as Richard Leakey believe that it was socially more like modern humans than the more ... erectus was probably the first hominid to live in small, familiar band-societies similar to modern hunter-gatherer band-societies ... erectus/ergaster is thought to be the first hominid to hunt in coordinated groups, use complex tools, and care for infirm or weak companions ...

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  • (adj): Characterizing the family Hominidae, which includes Homo sapiens sapiens as well as extinct species of manlike creatures.
    Synonyms: hominian