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Lucy Snow

Lucy Snow is a 9-and-a-half-year-old girl who accidentally gets enrolled at Hollow Fields. When she first arrived at the town she asked a stranger where she could find Saint Galbat's Academy for young ladies, where she was enrolled to go. After taking the strangers advice she went into the forest surrounding the town and went searching for her school. She comes across Hollow Fields by mistaking it as the Academy and enters the building to be confronted by Miss Notch, who tries to kill her. By insisting she was enrolled "at the school in town", Miss Notch thinks she is a new student and gives her a contract to sign. She signs it and becomes Hollow Fields property until next year's graduation. She is in the fifth grade and has a class rival called Summer Polanski. She also has acquires a "talking box" called Doctor Bleak. At the end of Volume 2, she saves Claude from falling, but is discovered by Miss Weaver and sent to detention with him.

Claude McGinty

Claude McGinty is a 10-year-old student also enrolled at Hollow Fields. He is a stern, standoffish guy who is a genius in all things mechanic, especially robots. He is trying to escape Hollow Fields with two of his other friends for unknown reasons. When Lucy Snow first encounters him, he is cold to her and calls her names, and shouts at her when she tried to talk to him. Lucy encounters him in the library late one night and asks to work with him to get out of Hollow Fields where he claims that " committee policy is no girls allowed", and later says that he makes the rules revealing that he has issues with girls. It is also revealed heavily by Miss Weaver that he once had a sister, who was sent to detention.

Summer Polanski

Summer Polanski is the smartest student at Hollow Fields. She is adored by the staff, and is very pretty. The author states that she is "The Most Popular Girl in School". She is crude to Lucy and no one wants to get on her "bad side". Her best friends are Francine and Carmen. She added a secret wing to the school that only she and her classmates (aside from Lucy and Claude) are aware of, where students study to one day take over Hollow Fields. She despises Claude because he is smarter than her in robotics. Mr. Croach opted for her and Carmen to be taken to the windmill instead of Claude and Lucy.

Simon Belljoy

Lucy's first friend. He is the first person Lucy sees to be taken to detention. He manages to escape two months later to tell Lucy something but is caught soon after. No one is able to see his face after that, but he wears a huge cloak and floats around. He is seen briefly in chapter eleven when he shows Lucy and Claude how to escape the windmill. His fate in unknown but it is suggested he was destroyed by the windmill children.

Francine Steinwald

Francine is friends with Summer and Carmen. Shes the second one Lucy sees to be taken to detention. In chapter 11 her soul has been removed and put into a gear object similar to the one Doctor Bleak is in. In the same chapter, Miss Ricketts soul is put into her body through the Psychotransmigrator. It states that Francine is the first test subject that succeeded in Miss Weaver's experiment. It also states that she is Meg McGinty's friend.

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