History of WWE

History Of WWE

The WWE has a rich history and as the world's largest wrestling promotion it is one that contains the most significant parts of professional wrestling history itself. a revolutionary concept, Toots Mondt decided to take wrestling to a higher level, bringing it out of back alleys and rough areas into sporting arenas. At the time, pro wrestling consisted primarily of mat grappling; and while the sport had flourished a decade earlier under Frank Gotch, the fans had since grown tired of the painfully deliberate pace of the bouts. However, Mondt discovered a solution that would completely transform the industry, as he convinced Ed Lewis and Billy Sandow to implement a new form of wrestling that combined features of boxing, Greco-Roman, freestyle and lumber-camp fighting into what he deemed "Slam Bang Western-Style Wrestling." His next move was to form a promotion with Lewis and Sandow. They persuaded a lot of wrestlers to sign contracts with the newly named 'Gold Dust Trio'.

Eventually, the trio dissolved and the promotion did also, after a disagreement over power. Mondt formed partnerships with several promoters. Soon, Jack Curley was dying and Mondt knew that New York wrestling would fall apart. Realizing this, he gained help from several bookers, one of these being Jess McMahon.

Together, Jess and Mondt created the Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC) in 1952. The company had offices in both Washington, D.C. and New York. There is not a lot of information on the early days of the CWC, but it is known that it joined the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in 1953.

In 1954, Ray Fabiani, one of Mondt's associates brought in Vincent J. McMahon to replace his father Jess after he had died, and with this began to control the north wrestling circuit. Vince McMahon Sr. and Toots Mondt were a formidable combination: within a short time, they controlled around 70% of the NWA's booking and given what a far-reaching organization the NWA was, that was a significant achievement. Mondt taught Vince Sr. about booking and how to work in the wrestling industry. This was the start of the wrestling revolution. Due to the dominance in the Northeast, the CWC was referred to by AWA legend Nick Bockwinkel as the "Northeast Triangle", with its territory being defined by Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., and Maine as points of the triangle. In 1956, the CWC signed a deal with WTTG to air live professional wrestling shows.

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