Hindustani means 'of Hindustan'. It may refer to:

  • the Hindustani language, AKA Hindi-Urdu
  • Hindustani (film), the Hindi version of the 1996 Tamil film.
  • Hindustani classical music
  • Hindustani people

Other articles related to "hindustani":

Hindi-Urdu Phonology - Vowels
... Hindustani natively possesses a symmetrical ten-vowel system ... length (that is /i ~ iː/ and /u ~ uː/) have become in Hindustani distinctions of quality, or length accompanied by quality (that is, /ɪ ~ iː/ and /ʊ ~ uː/) ... Despite this, the Hindustani vowel system is quite similar to that of English, in contrast to the consonants ...
... Sadarang (1670–1748) was the pen name of the Hindustani musical composer and artist Niyamat Khan ... He and his nephew Adarang changed the Khayal style of Hindustani music into the form performed today ... Sadarang and Adarang remain influential in Hindustani classical music, mainly through their compositions ...
Madras Anti-Hindi Agitation Of 1965 - Background
... momentum in the early part of the 20th Century, efforts were undertaken to make Hindustani as a common language to unite various linguistic groups against the ... In 1925, the Indian National Congress switched to Hindustani from English for conducting its proceedings ... Both Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were supporters of Hindustani and Congress wanted to propagate the learning of Hindustani in non-Hindi speaking Provinces of India ...
Allotone - Examples in English Vs. Other Languages - Allophony of "v-w" in Hindustani
... A reverse example is that of versus in Hindustani ... but both allophones of the phoneme /व/ (or /و/) in Hindustani ... When non-native speakers speak Hindustani, they might pronounce /व/ in 'व्रत' as, i.e ...
Subbudu - Music and Dance Critic
... For example, he compared the Hindustani and Carnatic Systems of Music and brought out strengths and weaknesses of both system in the following few words "I am also ... In fact, there is nothing great in Hindustani music apart from the purity of the shruti ... Further in Hindustani music, every artist specializes in specific aspect – khayal, dhrupad, thapa, thumri etc ...