Highway 57 (Israel)

Highway 57 (Israel)

Highway 57 is an east-west highway through central Israel and the West Bank. In the past, it was an uninterrupted road from Netanya, a city on the Mediterranean coast in the west, to Damia Bridge across the Jordan River in the east. The road existed in its full length from the time of the British Mandate, and parts of it are even older. Today the road is separated into three unconnected parts: the first from Netanya to Nitzanei Oz interchange at Highway 6, the second from there to an Israel Defense Forces checkpoint in Beka'ot in the northeastern West Bank, and the third from there until Damia Bridge. The middle portion of the road between Nitzanei Oz and Beka'ot passes through Tulkarm and Nablus, and most of it is located in Area A and Area B controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Various restrictions on traffic exist in these areas.

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Highway 57 (Israel) - Eastern Portion of The Route
... the Way of the Patriarchs and the King's Highway ... Highway57 continues until the Damia Bridge over the Jordan River, which functions as a border crossing for commerce between Israeland Jordan ... to Hamra 12 Adam junction Masua (moshav) Highway90 15 Border crossing Next to Damia Bridge Entrance to Damia Bridge ...

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