Hein is the surname of:

  • Jay Hein, director of White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
    • Hein v. Freedom From Religion Foundation the Supreme Court case bearing his name
  • Jeppe Hein, Danish artist
  • Jotun Hein, Oxford professor
  • Karl Hein (1908–1982), German athletic
  • Myat Hein, Commander of the Burmese Air Force
  • Piet Hein, Danish scientist, mathematician, inventor, author, and poet
  • Piet Hein, Dutch naval hero

Other articles related to "hein":

Christoph Hein
... Christoph Hein (born 8 April 1944) is a German author and translator ... From 1967 to 1971 Hein studied philosophy in Leipzig and Berlin ... Since 1979 Hein has worked as a freelance writer ...
Det Store Løb - Cast
... Poul Reichhardt - Niels Stone Grethe Holmer - Kirsten Hein Ib Schønberg - Dr ... Valentin - Fru Helene Stone Lisbeth Movin - Gerda Hein Per Buckhøj - Henrik Hein Valdemar Skjerning - Sagfører Hemme William Rosenberg - Claus Hemme Helga ...
Bis(benzene)chromium - Preparation
... Compounds closely related to + had been prepared many years before Fischer's work by Franz Hein by the reaction of phenylmagnesium bromide and CrCl3 ... Hein's reaction affords cationic sandwich complexes containing bi- and terphenyl, which baffled chemists until the breakthrough by Fischer and Hafner, and thus Hein had unknowingly ... Fischer and Seus soon prepared Hein's + ...
Monarchie Und Alltag - Background
... formed from two former members of foundational German punk band Charley's Girls—Peter Hein and Markus Oehlen—who had gone on to play in the influential punk group Mittagspause ... much of the album was penned by vocalist Peter Hein during free time at his job at Xerox ... pushed Fehlfarben to the forefront of the German punk movement and made Peter Hein its point figure, even though he had quit the band three days before the lengthy Monarchie und ...

Famous quotes containing the word hein:

    They’re busy making bigger roads,
    and better roads and more,
    so that people can discover
    even faster than before
    that everything is everywhere alike.
    —Piet Hein (b. 1905)

    The road to wisdom?—Well, it’s plain
    and simple to express:
    and err
    and err again
    but less
    and less
    and less.
    —Piet Hein (b. 1905)