Heavy Mortar Company

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... Mortar has several meanings Mortar (weapon), an indirect-fire artillery piece that fires shells at a much-lower velocity and higher ballistic arc than other ...
Dien Bien Phu Order Of Battle - Operational Group North-West (GONO) - Artillery
... Redon Quad-50 M2 0.50cal MG (x4) Epervier 1st Foreign Composite Heavy Mortar Company (1 CMMLE) Lieutenant René Colcy 120mm mortar (x8) Claudine 2nd ...
Lithuanian Army Equipment - Artillery
... Type Variants Quantity Notes Self-propelled artillery M1064 Mortar carrier PzMrs 42 (as of 2008) Mortar carriers with Tampella 120 mm mortars and 63 rounds ... Heavy mortars 2B11 Mortar 120 mm caliber 20 (as of 2008) 20 items were transferred from Bulgaria in 1999 ... M1982 Mortar 120 mm caliber 24 (as of 2008) M38/43 Mortar 120 mm caliber 11 (as of 2008) M/41D Mortar 120 mm caliber 12 (as of 2008) Light mortars M19 Mortar 60 mm caliber LM-60 ...
Alpine Brigade Tridentina - 1975 Reorganization
... Artillery group was dissolved and the 1st Heavy Artillery Group Adige moved in the vacant base in Elvas ... Battalion in Brixen Headquarters and Service Company 92nd Alpini (Training) Company 127th Alpini (Training) Company 141st Alpini (Training) Company 142nd Alpini (Training) Company Trento Alpini Battalion ... Disbanded on 1 July 1979.) 115th Heavy Mortar Company Vicenza Mountain Artillery Group in Elvas Headquarters and Service Battery 19th Mountain Artillery Battery 20th Mountain Artillery ...

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