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Hearing Aid - Purchase Costs - US
... Most private US health care providers do not provide coverage for hearing aids, so all costs are usually borne by the recipient ... The cost for a single hearing aid can vary between $500 to $6,000 or more, depending on the level of technology and whether the clinician bundles fitting fees into ... Though if an adult has a hearing loss which substantially limits major life activities, some state-run vocational rehabilitation programs can provide upwards of full financial assistance ...
Miller Reese Hutchison - Hearing Aids
... Hutchison was the inventor of the first electrical hearing aid, called the Akoulathon when it was first developed around 1895 ... His hearing aid was an electrical analog of the ear trumpet a large carbon microphone called the "transmitter" captured the sound and delivered it to a small carbon "receiver", which ... After the Spanish–American war Hutchison went to Europe to promote his hearing aids ...
List Of Doctor Who – Battles In Time Comic Stories - 'Wrath of The Warrior' (Issues 18–21)
... Unable to stand the noise, the Doctor fiddles with some hearing aids, reversing their function ... They put the hearing aids on and become unable to hear the screaming ... hurt it, the Doctor removes his, Martha and Thaur's hearing aids and put them in the monster's ears ...
Deafness - Society and Culture - Myths
... There are many myths regarding people with hearing losses including, but not limited to Everyone who is deaf or hard of hearing uses sign language ... There are a variety of different sign systems used by hearing-impaired individuals ... Individuals who experience hearing loss later in life usually do not know sign language ...
Edgar Villchur - Hearing Aid Research and Development
... He chose the field of hearing aids, since he felt that there was considerable room for improvement in these devices ... But when you see a person with a hearing aid, you assume that the person still has hearing difficulties ... Villchur worked with many volunteer subjects to analyze the various types of hearing loss ...

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    Sometimes I have a terrible feeling that I am dying not from the virus, but from being untouchable.
    Amanda Heggs, British AIDS sufferer. Quoted in Guardian (London, June 12, 1989)

    We can say that the sound is the primary object of the act of hearing, and that the act of hearing itself is the secondary object.
    Franz Clemens Brentano (1838–1917)