Halo may refer to:

  • Halo (religious iconography), a glow or ring of light around a head or person in art

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List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Heroes - The Outsiders - Halo
... In "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!" Halo is a new member of the Outsiders (along with Geo-force), and helps Batman stop Kobra ...
Halo, Halo
... "Halo, Halo" was the Yugoslavian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982, performed in Serbo-Croatian by Aska ... aimes ma musique" "Él" "Video, Video" " Halo, Halo (Хало, хало)" "Hora" "Jij en ik" "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" "Ein bißchen Frieden" ...
Circumscribed Halo
... A circumscribed halo is a type of halo, an optical phenomenon that circumscribes a related phenomenon, the 22° halo centred on the sun ... When observed, a circumscribed halo is normally oval in shape and, at the points directly below and above the sun, lies tangential to the 22° halo ... lower tangent arcs extend into each other and close in on the 22° halo ...
Atomic Nucleus - Halo Nuclei and Strong Force Range Limits
... The effective absolute limit of the range of the strong force is represented by halo nuclei such as lithium-11 or boron-14, in which dineutrons, or other collections of neutrons, orbit at ... Halo nuclei form at the extreme edges of the chart of the nuclides—the neutron drip line and proton drip line—and are all unstable with short ... Halos in effect represent an excited state with nucleons in an outer quantum shell which has unfilled energy levels "below" it (both in terms of radius and ...
Halo Trickjumping
... Halo has been one of the more prominent games involving trick jumping, where players use techniques to get to a location as visually appealing, efficient, or skillful as possible ... Trick jumping in Halo has been around since the franchise's first release ... The most popular Halo Trickjumping video released has been Look Before You Leap 4 developed by Halo Trickjumping team Bojangles ...

Famous quotes containing the word halo:

    The drama critic on your paper said my chablis-tinted hair was like a soft halo over wide set, inviting eyes, and my mouth, my mouth was a lush tunnel through which golden notes came.
    Samuel Fuller (b. 1911)

    Most books belong to the house and street only, and in the fields their leaves feel very thin. They are bare and obvious, and have no halo nor haze about them. Nature lies far and fair behind them all. But this, as it proceeds from, so it addresses, what is deepest and most abiding in man. It belongs to the noontide of the day, the midsummer of the year, and after the snows have melted, and the waters evaporated in the spring, still its truth speaks freshly to our experience.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Fame now wears the halo that once crowned holiness.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)