• (adj): Fit for habitation.
    Example: "The habitable world"
    Synonyms: inhabitable

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Circumstellar Habitable Zone - Other Habitability Considerations - Effect of Stellar Evolution
... a period of millions of years, taking a planet in or out of the habitable zone ... The life of the habitable zone depends on the type of parent star, occurring faster or more slowly ... for example is predicted to exit the Sun's habitable zone within a billion years as the Sun phases into a Red giant ...
Super-Earths - Discoveries - First Super-Earth in Habitable Zone
... the discovery of two new super-Earths around Gliese 581, both on the edge of the habitable zone around the star where liquid water may be possible on. 11 million km), it is on the "warm" edge of the habitable zone around Gliese 581 with an estimated mean temperature (without taking into consideration effects from an atmosphere) of ... but that its sister planet, Gliese 581 d, does in fact lie within the star's habitable zone, with an orbit at 0.22 AU and a mass of 7.7 Earths ...
HD 153950 B - Possible Habitable Moon
... HD 153950 b is located within a habitable zone of its star ... a probable 10-4 fraction of the planet mass as a satellite, it can have a Mars-sized moon with habitable surface ...
Gliese 581 C - Habitability and Climate
... team has been quoted as concluding "The super-Earth Gl 581c is clearly outside the habitable zone, since it is too close to the star." The study by Selsis et al ... claims even "a planet in the habitable zone is not necessarily habitable" itself, and this planet "is outside what can be considered the conservative ...
Natural Satellite Habitability - Extrasolar - In Fiction
... The concept of habitable exo-moons has been popularized by the moons of Star Wars such as Return of the Jedi's forest moon of Endor, and Yavin 4 from A New ...

Famous quotes containing the word habitable:

    If its individual citizens, to a man, are to be believed, it always is depressed, and always is stagnated, and always is at an alarming crisis, and never was otherwise; though as a body, they are ready to make oath upon the Evangelists, at any hour of the day or night, that it is the most thriving and prosperous of all countries on the habitable globe.
    Charles Dickens (1812–1870)

    Where on the globe can there be found an area of equal extent with that occupied by the bulk of our States, so fertile and so rich and varied in its productions, and at the same time so habitable by the European, as this is?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)