Greenhouse Gases

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Glossary Of Environmental Science - C
... carbon credit – a market-driven way of reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions it allows an agent to benefit financially from an emission reduction ... the impacts of releasing (or avoiding the release of) the seven different greenhouse gases it is obtained by multiplying the mass of the greenhouse gas ... dioxide – a gas with the chemical formula CO2 the most abundant greenhouse gas emitted from fossil fuels ...
Climate Change Policy - Politicization of Climate Science
... decades and that the trend is caused primarily by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases ... estimates of how responsive the climate system might be to any given level of greenhouse gases (climate sensitivity), projections of continued warming in ...
George W. Bush Administration - Environmental Record
... record began with promises as a presidential candidate to clean up power plants and reduce greenhouse gas emissions ... reports in order to minimize the findings of scientific sources tying greenhouse gas emissions to global warming ... international treaty signed in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan that would require nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, claiming that ratifying the treaty would ...
Clean Air Act (United States) - Application To Greenhouse Gas Emissions
... EPA began regulating greenhouse gases (GHGs) from mobile and stationary sources of air pollution under the Clean Air Act for the first time on January 2, 2011 ... See Regulation of Greenhouse Gases Under the Clean Air Act ... Below is a table for the sources of greenhouse gases, taken from data in 2008 ...
Adaptation To Global Warming In Australia
... Change, the frequency and intensity of disasters brought about by greenhouse gas emissions and climate change will grow rapidly in the world ... consumption occur in cities, while emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming come from urban areas ... The main emitters of greenhouse gases are the construction, real estate, agriculture and metallurgical industries, the transportation sector, the industrial uses of fossil fuels and the burning of biomass ...

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    The bird is not in its ounces and inches, but in its relations to Nature; and the skin or skeleton you show me, is no more a heron, than a heap of ashes or a bottle of gases into which his body has been reduced, is Dante or Washington.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    There is not enough exercise in this way of life. I try to make up by active gymnastics before I dress when I get up, by walking rapidly in the lower hall and the greenhouse after each meal for perhaps five to ten minutes, and a good hand rubbing before going to bed. I eat moderately; drink one cup of coffee at breakfast and one cup of tea at lunch and no other stimulant. My health is now, and usually, excellent.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)