Greco-Persian Wars - Wars of The Delian League (477–449 BC)

Wars of The Delian League (477–449 BC)

Wars of the
Delian League
  • Eion
  • Skyros
  • Karystos
  • 3rd Naxos
  • Eurymedon
  • Thasos
  • Chersonesos
  • Pampremis
  • Memphis
  • Prosopitis
  • Mendisium
  • Kition
  • Salamis in Cyprus

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Greco-Persian Wars - Wars of The Delian League (477–449 BC) - Campaigns Against Persia
... Throughout the 470s BC, the Delian League campaigned in Thrace and the Aegean to remove the remaining Persian garrisons from the region, primarily under the command of the Athenian politician Cimon ... In the early part of the next decade, Cimon began campaigning in Asia Minor, seeking to strengthen the Greek position there ...

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