Grande Fratello - Seasons


Series Launch Date Finale Date Days Housemates Winner Main Presenter Grand Prize Liveshow
Grande Fratello 1 14 September 2000 21 December 2000 99 10 Cristina Plevani Daria Bignardi £250,000,000
Grande Fratello 2 20 September 2001 20 December 2001 92 16 Flavio Montrucchio Daria Bignardi £250,000,000
Grande Fratello 3 30 January 2003 8 May 2003 99 16 Floriana Secondi Barbara D'Urso €241,000
Grande Fratello 4 22 January 2004 6 May 2004 106 15 Serena Garitta Barbara D'Urso €300,000 8.44
Grande Fratello 5 23 September 2004 2 December 2004 71 17 Jonathan Kashanian Barbara D'Urso €250,000 6.86
Grande Fratello 6 19 January 2006 27 April 2006 99 18 Augusto De Megni Alessia Marcuzzi €900,000
Grande Fratello 7 18 January 2007 19 April 2007 92 19 Milo Coretti Alessia Marcuzzi €500,000 5.57
Grande Fratello 8 21 January 2008 21 April 2008 92 21 Mario Ferretti Alessia Marcuzzi €500,000 5.46
Grande Fratello 9 12 January 2009 20 April 2009 99 23 Ferdi Berisa Alessia Marcuzzi €300,000 6.63
Grande Fratello 10 26 October 2009 8 March 2010 134 26 Mauro Marin Alessia Marcuzzi €250,000 6.16
Grande Fratello 11 18 October 2010 18 April 2011 183 35 Andrea Cocco Alessia Marcuzzi €300,000
Grande Fratello 12 24 October 2011 1 April 2012 161 19 Sabrina Mbarek Alessia Marcuzzi €240,000
Grande Fratello 13

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    to his eyes, Funnyface Or Elephant as yet
    Mean nothing. His distinction between Me and Us
    Is a matter of taste; his seasons are Dry and Wet;
    He thinks as his mouth does.
    —W.H. (Wystan Hugh)

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