• (adv): In a gradual manner.
    Example: "The snake moved gradually toward its victim"
    Synonyms: bit by bit, step by step

Some articles on gradually:

Sfz - Relative Loudness - Gradual Changes
... translates as "gradually becoming louder", and diminuendo, abbreviated dim ... means "gradually becoming softer" ... also means "gradually becoming softer" ...
Bowbazar - Grey Area
... The European inhabitants of Kalikata gradually moved to around the Maidan ... Gradually the areas to the south of the Great Tank and to the east along Chowringhee Road were emerging as preferred haunts for the Englishmen ... Entally, Taltala and Janbazar went down in estimation and were gradually taken over by ‘the rest’, which included half-castes, Portuguese, Armenians ...
Kontra-Punkte (Stockhausen) - Analysis
... is transformed irregularly but steadily into a soloistic style articulated by 'groups', gradually focussing on the piano part" (Stockhausen 1964, 20) ... groups, often in single instruments, while at the same time gradually replacing more and more long notes with groups of rapid, shorter ones in a ... first version (1) the heterogeneous timbres of the full ensemble are gradually reduced to the "monochrome" of the solo piano (2) widely fluctuating ...
Late Middle Ages - Military History
... The use of the national or feudal levy was gradually replaced by paid troops of domestic retinues or foreign mercenaries ... Years' War, that the armed forces gradually assumed a permanent nature ... ethos can be seen as a response to the diminishing military role of the aristocracy, and gradually it became almost entirely detached from its military origin ...
M-shaped Society - Theory
... of the 'M-shape society', the middle class in a society gradually disappears ... advance and consequence of globalization (for good or bad), the middle class is gradually assimilated into either side ... the two extremes, with the middle class gradually shrinking and disappearing ...

Famous quotes containing the word gradually:

    I’ve gradually risen from lower-class background to lower-class foreground.
    Marvin Cohen, U.S. author and humorist. Baseball the Beautiful, Links Books (1970)

    However, it can’t be helped; mothers, if they do their job properly, are the representatives of the hard, demanding world and it is they who gradually introduce reality which is so often the enemy of impulse. There is anger with mother and hatred is somewhere even when there is absolutely no doubt of love that is mixed with adoration.
    D.W. Winnicott (20th century)

    ... the history of the race, from infancy through its stages of barbarism, heathenism, civilization, and Christianity, is a process of suffering, as the lower principles of humanity are gradually subjected to the higher.
    Catherine E. Beecher (1800–1878)