Gorm may refer to:

  • Gorm the Old, a Danish king
  • Gorm (computing), a rapid application development tool
  • GORM, Grails Object-Relational Mapping
  • Gorm, a character from Galidor
  • 'The Island of Gorm' A fictional place from the children's toy 'Gormiti'
  • Gorm, the Gaelic word for "blue" found in for example, Cairngorm
  • Gorm, a range of storage furniture sold by Swedish outlet IKEA

Other articles related to "gorm":

Prince Gorm Of Denmark
... Prince Gorm of Denmark and Iceland (Danish Prins Gorm Christian Frederik Hans Harald til Danemark til Ísland b ...
Gorm (computing)
... Gorm (Graphical Object Relationship Modeller) is a graphical user interface builder application ... Gorm is the equivalent of Interface Builder that was originally found on NeXTSTEP, then OPENSTEP, and finally on Mac OS X ... Gorm and Project Center represent the heart of the suite for GNUstep ...
Càrn Gorm - Overview
... Càrn Gorm reaches a height of 1029 metres (3376 feet), it qualifies as a Munro and a Marilyn ... Càrn Gorm is the first of the hills climbed when the round is walked in a clockwise direction, it is then followed by Meall Garbh, Càrn Mairg and Meall nan ... Although not the highest of the group Càrn Gorm is often regarded as the finest looking with its summit shaped into a neat cone ...
Mc Gorman
... It is an Anglicised form of the Gaelic Mac Gormáin, meaning "son of Gormán" ... The personal name Gormán is derived from the diminutive of gorm, meaning "dark blue", "noble" ...