Glottal can mean:

  • related to the glottis.
  • related to the vocal folds.
  • glottal consonant.
  • related to glottalization.

Other articles related to "glottal":

Tagalog Phonology - Stress
... Tagalog homonyms are often distinguished, depending on stress and presence of the glottal stop at the end of the word ... Name of Stress Stress and glottal stop Diacritic Example IPA Malumay (gentle) Non-ultimate stress, no glottal stop No accent "pito", whistle /ˈpito/ Mabilís (quick) Ultimate stress, no glottal stop Acute ...
Western Pantar Language - Sound System
... n m ng/ trill /r/ and lateral /l/ and glides/w/ and /y/ labial alveolar velar glottal plosive p t k ' b d g fricative s h nasal m n ng liquid r l approximant w y The glottal fricative /h/ is very lightly ... Words which begin with a glottal fricative can be difficult to distinguish from vowel-initial forms, which actually begin with a glottal stop ...
Movima Language - Phonology
... of Movima Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal Nasal m n Stop p t tʃ k (ɡ) kʷ ɓ ɗ Fricative (f) β s ɬ h Approximant l j w jˀ Trill r The plosive /p/ is ... as a glottal stop with a vocalic release), respectively, in the syllable coda ... In vowel-initial words and between adjacent vowels, an epenthetic glottal stop appears ...
Aghul Language - Phonology - Consonants
... Consonant phonemes of Aghul Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Epi- glottal Glottal plain lab ... x xː χ χː ʜ v z ʒ ʒʷ ʁ ʢ ɦ Trill r Approximant l j The glottal stop transcribed here is named rather ambiguously a "glottalic laryngeal" by the source ...