Glide API

Glide API

Glide is a 3D graphics API developed by 3dfx Interactive for their Voodoo Graphics 3D accelerator cards. Although it originally started as a proprietary API, it was later open sourced by 3dfx. It was dedicated to gaming performance, supporting geometry and texture mapping primarily, in data formats identical to those used internally in their cards. The Voodoo cards were the first to offer performance to really make 3D games work well, and Glide became widely used as a result. Further refinement of Microsoft's Direct3D and full OpenGL implementations from other graphics card vendors, in addition to growing competition in 3D hardware, eventually caused Glide to become superfluous.

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RIVA TNT - Overview
... At the time, most games supported 3dfx's proprietary Glide API which gave the Voodoo2 a large advantage in speed and image quality, and some games only used the Glide API for 3D acceleration ... Again, like with the RIVA 128, the lack of Glide API support hindered Nvidia's opportunities for market share growth ... Glide was still considered the best 3D gaming API available by both gamers and developers ...
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... Glide emulator development has been in progress since the late 1990s ... lifetime, the company was aggressive at trying to stop these attempts to emulate their proprietary API, shutting down early emulation projects with legal threats ... just before it ceased operations and had its assets purchased by NVIDIA, 3dfx released the Glide API, along with the Voodoo 2 and Voodoo 3 specifications ...

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