General Strike

A general strike is a strike action in which a substantial proportion of the total labour force in a city, region, or country participates. General strikes are characterized by the participation of workers in a multitude of workplaces, and tend to involve entire communities. General strikes first occurred in the mid-19th century, and have characterized many historically important strikes.

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Solidaridad Obrera (historical Union)
... were quite weak at the time, due to the failure of a 1902 general strike which had sought the eight-hour day and the recognition of the right to strike ... on June 13, 1909, brought approval of the general strike, and effective takeover by the anarcho-syndicalists in the federation ... After a major general strike in Barcelona, which ended in the executions of several anarchists, the government repressed elements of the anarchist movement, these events being referred to as ...
Confederation Of Ethiopian Labor Unions - History
... Addis Ababa Fiber Mills, Indo-Ethiopian Textiles, Wonji Sugar Plantation, Ethiopian Airlines and General Ethiopian Transport (also known as the Anbassa Bus ... finance its operations." Further, when the CELU had attempted to flex its power in two general strikes in 1964 and 1970, both times it had failed to secure the necessary widespread support ... and warned that if the government did not satisfy these demands, they would call a general strike on 7 March most of these demands specifically concerned labor issues ...
Argentine Regional Workers' Federation - Founding and Early Years
... federations International comparisons ITUC IWA WFTU Strike action Chronological list of strikes General strike Secondary action Sitdown strike Work-to-rule Labour parties Labour ... was seen as the only means of liberating the workers, with the general strike being their ultimate weapon in their fight against capital ... A wave of successful strikes soon followed ...
Notable General Strikes
... The largest general strike that ever stopped the economy of an advanced industrial country – and the first general wildcat strike in history – was May 1968 in France ... The prolonged strike involved eleven million workers for two weeks in a row, and its impact was such that it almost caused the collapse of the de Gaulle government ... Other notable general strikes include 494 BC The Aventine Secession, Ancient Rome, creating the Tribune of the Plebs 449 BC A secessio plebis leading to the adoption of the Twelve Tables 287 BC A secessio plebis ...
Battle Of Ballantyne Pier - Anticommunist Context
... Communist leaders were attempting to merge the two strikes and spark a general strike ... Thus, when the waterfront strike finally began, tensions were already high between anticommunists and strikers ... Historians agree that both strikes were driven by legitimate grievances abyssmal conditions in the relief camps and despatching and other workplace issues on the waterfront ...

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    They make a great ado nowadays about hard times; but I think that ... this general failure, both private and public, is rather occasion for rejoicing, as reminding us whom we have at the helm,—that justice is always done. If our merchants did not most of them fail, and the banks too, my faith in the old laws of the world would be staggered.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)