Gender Difference

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Gender Role Theory - Social Construction of Gender Difference
... This perspective proposes that gender difference is socially constructed (see Social construction of gender difference) ... Social constructionism of gender moves away from socialization as the origin of gender differences people do not merely internalize gender roles as they grow up but they respond to changing norms ... Children learn to categorize themselves by gender usually by the age of 3 ...
Indoor Obstacle Course Test - Gender Difference
... The difference in completion time grade scales between male and female cadets is not taken into account during the order of merit listing that the United States Military Academy uses for ...
Mathematical Anxiety - Math and Gender
... Another difference in mathematic abilities often explored in research concerns gender disparities ... There has been research examining gender difference in performance on standardized tests across various countries ... approximately nine years of age do not show consistent gender difference in relation to math skills ...

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    The invention of photography provided a radically new picture-making process—a process based not on synthesis but on selection. The difference was a basic one. Paintings were made—constructed from a storehouse of traditional schemes and skills and attitudes—but photographs, as the man on the street put, were taken.
    Jean Szarkowski (b. 1925)

    Anthropologists have found that around the world whatever is considered “men’s work” is almost universally given higher status than “women’s work.” If in one culture it is men who build houses and women who make baskets, then that culture will see house-building as more important. In another culture, perhaps right next door, the reverse may be true, and basket- weaving will have higher social status than house-building.
    —Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen. Excerpted from, Gender Grace: Love, Work, and Parenting in a Changing World (1990)