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... (a paraphyletic species) is a species, living or fossil, that gave rise to one or more daughter species without itself becoming extinct ... widespread species that have given rise to one or more daughter species as peripheral isolates without themselves becoming extinct (i.e ... bear from the brown bear is a well-documented example of a living species that gave rise to another living species ...
Tornoceratidae - Taxonomy
... Tornoceratinae in turn gave rise to Aulatornoceratinae and Falcitornoceratinae ... Aulatornoceras gave rise to Truyolsoceras and Polonoceras, which gave rise to Armatites, Kirsoceras, and Pernoceras, which gave rise to Pseudoclymenia making up the Aulotornoceratidae ...
Eukaryota - Origin of Eukaryotes - Hypotheses For The Origin of Eukaryotes - Chimeric Models
... crenarchaeon (like Thermoplasma which is sulfidogenic in nature) gave rise to the present day eukaryotes ... Spirochetes gave rise to the motile features of eukaryotic cells ... with an alpha-proteobacterium (the symbiont) gave rise to the eukaryotes ...
Madison (cycling) - History - The Name Madison and Madison Cycle Racing
... crossroads throughout the city's history — after its demise the site gave rise to a park, in turn named Madison Square, which remains today ... Madison Square in turn, gave rise to the names of Madison Avenue and Madison Square Garden, the latter taking the name of its original location adjacent to Madison Square ... Both Gardens were prominent cycling venues, which gave rise to the track cycle racing that ultimately carried their name — and thereby became an indirect tribute to James Madison ...
History Of Writing - Locations and Timeframes - Iron Age Writing
... This alphabet gave rise to the Aramaic and Greek alphabets ... Latin alphabets in the early centuries of the Common Era gave rise to several European scripts such as the Runes and the Gothic and Cyrillic alphabets while the Aramaic alphabet evolved into ...

Famous quotes containing the words rise and/or gave:

    The fact is that love is of two kinds—one which commands, and one which obeys. The two are quite distinct, and the passion to which the one gives rise is not the passion of the other.
    Honoré De Balzac (1799–1850)

    Those who were skillful in Anatomy among the Ancients, concluded from the outward and inward Make of an Human Body, that it was the Work of a Being transcendently Wise and Powerful. As the World grew more enlightened in this Art, their Discoveries gave them fresh Opportunities of admiring the Conduct of Providence in the Formation of an Human Body.
    Joseph Addison (1672–1719)