Gastric Juice

  • (noun): Digestive secretions of the stomach glands consisting chiefly of hydrochloric acid and mucin and the enzymes pepsin and rennin and lipase.

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Cardia - Function
... This digestive mixture is called gastric juice ... several mechanisms to resist the effect of gastric juice on itself, but the mucosa of the esophagus does not ... the angle of His formed here, prevents gastric juice from flowing back into the esophagus ...
Gastric Pits - Gastric Juice
... Gastric juice is secreted from gastric glands, which are located in narrow tube like structures called gastric pits ... Gastric juice contains hydrochloric acid, pepsinogen and mucus in a healthy adult ... acid is secreted by parietal cells, pepsinogen is secreted by gastric chief cells and mucus is secreted by mucus neck cells ...

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