Gant, the French word for glove (derived from Low Franconian), may refer to:

  • Gant (law) (German: die Gant (archaically: Gandt), Vergantung)law of bankruptcy, public auction, or compulsory auction in South Germany, Switzerland, Austria
  • Gant U.S.A., an international brand of clothing and accessories
  • a software tool for scripting Ant tasks using Groovy instead of XML
Place name
  • Gant (Zermatt) (de)
  • Gant (German: Ganthen), Poland
  • German name of the Wielka Rywocińska Turnia (pl) (Slovak: Zadný Oštep, Hungarian: nt), the highest peak of the ridge of Rywociny (Slovak: Oštepy, German: Gantgruppe, Hungarian: Gántcsoport), today Poland/Slovakia
  • Gánt, a village in Hungary
Family name

People named Gant include:

  • Cecil Gant (1913–1951), American blues singer and pianist
  • Frank Gant (de), American jazz musician
  • Harry Gant (born 1940), American motorsport driver
  • Richard Gant (born 1940), American actor
  • Robert Gant (born 1968), American actor
  • Ron Gant (born 1960), American professional baseball player
  • Ovidiu Victor Ganţ (born 1966, Detta, Banat), Romanian politician of Banat-Swabian origin

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